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4 Types Of Women That You Should Have Sex With

We all know that promiscuity is not for everyone. But, if ever you plan to sleep around with any woman out there, you might as well make it fun and interesting (because who wants to hook up with the same type of girl over and over?). Thus, if you consider yourself a sexually adventurous person, here are 4 types of women that you should have sex with.


The Random Stranger Sydneys EscortThe Random Stranger

If you’re planning a hookup tonight, why don’t you try going to the bar or club, and hookup with random strangers? But if you don’t have the bravado, why don’t you arrange for a date with the lovely and sexy Sydneys Escort ?


What are the pros of hooking up with random strangers? Well, there’s little need to do small talk, and there’s no expectation of a second date. What are the downsides? The woman could be a crazy person (or a serial killer!), and the sex could likely occur in a bathroom!


The Artist - Sydneys EscortsThe Artist

What’s nice in hooking up with a lovely female artists? Well for starters, she’ll likely do sexy things such as draw on your body, and she’ll pretty much down for anything.


The downsides of dating a lady artist include the chance that she might blow you off for days if she’s working, and that if the sex happens, you’ll likely be covered in paint!





The Random Stranger - Sydneys EscortA Lady Co-worker

What’s fun about hooking up with a lovely office co-worker is that it offers fun opportunities for subtle office flirtation, and both of you will enjoy lots of conversations about how you can’t believe that you’re both having sex with each other.

The downsides about having sex with an officemate include facing the prospect of more serious trouble, or serious awkwardness. And of course, the ensuing awkwardness will be way more obvious to your colleagues than you think!






A Lady Chef - Sydneys EscortA Lady Chef

If you’re about to hookup with a lady who loves cooking, or actually works as a chef, what’s good is that she’ll probably cook you delicious meals, and she’ll get preferential treatment at the bars and restaurants too.


The downsides of hooking up with a lady chef  are that chefs can sometimes be loose cannons, and they have the accompanying smell of cooking oil too. Well, if you’d like to go out with someone pretty sexy, and smells real fresh too, perhaps you should go out on a date with the lovely Sydney Escorts Living In Sydney!

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