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Manscaping. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it’s essentially just a term used to refer to the process of blokes removing body hair. It’s something that’s been in vogue for some time now. It may result in a ‘cleaner’ look, do men really know how women – like the gorgeous babes at Sydneys Escort – feel about it?

Men can be just as finicky as women when it comes to their body hair, that’s true, but it’s also true that women have preferences on what hair they like to see on men. So here’s a quick guide to what women like to see – and what they don’t.

1. Facial hair. Kept trimmed and under control, it looks hot on a guy, says one escort, adding that it makes a bloke look mature. However, if it grows in patches or only in certain areas, then it’s time to take it all off. Women agree that, in general, patchy facial hair looks awful, so it’s better to have none in that case.

The trimming or shaving also includes beards. It can look sexy, and there are blokes who can rock the look – think Chris Hemsworth – but as with most other facial hair, it needs to be under control. So if you’re looking to grow a beard, don’t grow it out into a bush. Lastly, if you look better clean-shaven, then go ahead and shave it.

2. Chest and stomach hair. This is a little trickier than facial hair, because women’s preferences differ a lot in this area. However, they have a few general guidelines, the biggest one being if your chest and stomach hair is so extensive that your body is hard to see, manscape it.

If you usually just grow chest hair but not stomach hair, and feel like manscaping your chest will make you look like a little boy, then don’t. Just remember that paying some attention to how it looks will only help, not hurt your case.

3. Back hair. Cuddling up to a fuzzy, hairy back is hard to do, and most women won’t want to. So please do manscape that back. Another escort comments that doing so makes it easier for her to appreciate a bloke’s back muscles.

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