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Sex Tips: Reaching the O Land – Orgasmic Positions For Her

How will you know if you’re pleasing her or not? Women, as much as they want to reach O-land, they don’t want to disappoint. So you wouldn’t know for sure if she means what she shouts. The following positions guarantee orgasm that’ll drive her wild.

missionary sex position

1. Missionary. Yes, the classic missionary is still the overall favorite. According to sex experts, women love the closeness and intimacy that this position brings. Sure there’s nothing fancy about it, but it can be effective once you try the right angle. It can give her the best clitoral stimulation.

G-whiz sex position

2. G-whiz. Let her lie on her back with legs raised and rested on your shoulders. This way, the vaginal muscles tighten and it gives quick access to the G-spot. Start rocking her in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. This makes reaching O-land easy.

doggie sex position

3. Doggie Style. Doing the doggie is great because it gives her optimal control. She can adjust her angle in the way that feels best. This position also lets him stimulate the G-spot plus his extra hand can massage her clitoris to maximise the pleasure.

reverse cow girl

4. Reverse Cowgirl. Although it doesn’t offer much intimacy, this position can most likely facilitate an orgasm. It gives direct access to the clitoris and delays his climax. To do this, he must lie on his back and she straddles him facing his feet. Get into the rhythm!

girl on top sex position

5. Girl on Top. For the ultimate control, let her be on top. Experts explain that this position needs a joint effort. The guy can help her by moving her hips up and down. Girl on top provides depth, motion and easy access to clitoral stimulation.

Pillow Technique

6. Pillow Technique. An effective way to spice up the classic missionary, the pillow technique creates a new angle of entry. It’s done by adding a pillow under her tush to give a pelvic lift. This way, the penis can directly rub her G-spot. Ask her what angle works.
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