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Surprising (And Quite Disturbing) Facts & Figures About Oral Sex

Facts about Oral Sex

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If you were in your early teens during the Clinton era, you probably heard comedy shows and news reports poke fun at the president’s quickie with an intern in the White House. Well, it was never mentioned that they had actual sex, although the word “blowjob” was prominently quoted. What is oral sex, and what makes it fascinating for some, and abhorring for others? Here are a few surprising (and quite disturbing) facts about oral sex.


The” Stimulation” of Genitals Using The Mouth

In general, oral sex is defined as the stimulation of the genitalia of an individual by another one, using the mouth. The process also includes the tongue, lips and teeth, as well as the throat. When done on females (whether it’s your spouse or sexy Sydneys escort), it is called “cunnilingus.

When performed on males, the oral sex is called “fellatio”. The oral stimulation of a person’s anus (which is believed to harbor lots of sensitive nerve endings) is called “anilingus”. For many, oral sex is a very important part of the sexual routine, with some women finding it more satisfying and more intimate than intercourse. Many women also said that they quickly reached orgasm thru cunnilingus.


Many Experienced Oral Sex In Their Early Teen Years

In a survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between 2006 and 2008, it was noted that most Americans have either given or received oral sex in their early teen years. Around half of the teenagers surveyed, and 90 percent of adults aged 25 to 44, have had oral sex with someone from the opposite sex.


Oral Sex Enhances Intimacy For Many, But It Causes Anxiety To Others

In most adults, oral sex is viewed as an act that promotes intimacy. For some however, it can cause stress and anxiety. It’s because some worry about their partner’s reaction, whether they’re the one doing it, or they’re receiving it.

Others worry about their performance, because they are unsure if they’re doing it well enough to please their partner. Some feel suppressed or subdued, because they’re either in a seated or kneeling position while doing it to their partner.


You Won’t Get Pregnant Doing It, But The Risk Of Getting STD’s is High

Even if a woman swallows the guy’s sperm, it’s very unlikely that she will get pregnant from having oral sex. This is one of the major reasons why many women prefer it to intercourse, since it doesn’t make them bear offspring.

What’s sad is that there’s a significant risk of getting an STD, or sexually transmitted disease from having oral sex. Thus, some couples use a condom (for men) or a dental dam, which is a square piece of latex that’s cut from a condom or latex glove (for women).

The reasons for having oral sex are quite different between sexes. For males, pleasure was the number one reason, while for women the top reason was to improve a relationship. The other top reasons included: 1) Curiosity and 2) Gaining popularity. Whatever your reasons, remember that oral sex is an integral (and truly stimulating) part of sex. Just make sure you’re in good health, and you’re doing it safely with your partner or Sydneys escort.

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