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Sydneys Escort – New Study Erases The Common Notion That Millennials Are The Hookup Generation

The Hookup Generation - Sydneys Escort BlogIf you think because the millennials have easy access to the Internet, and other high-tech gadgets, you’d probably think that they’re very outgoing, carefree and loose too. Well think again, because a new study is contradicting the common perception that young adults, or the so-called ”millennials”  are having more casual sex than previous generations. Let’s dig deeper on what the study further reveals.

Why The Millennials Are Having Less Sex

If the lady you met at the bar, or the lovely Sydneys Escort that you just dated considers herself a millennial, perhaps you should ask them if they’re spending less romps in the haystack, because researchers have found out that 15% of young adults aged 20 to 24 and born in the early 1990’s ( or the millennials) had no sexual partners since age 18!   And if you compare the millennials with the Generation Xers, or the adults born in the late 1960’s,  the researchers found out that only 6% of them had no sexual partners since age 18! Well, the drop in sexual activity between Generation Xers and millennials was actually larger among women  (2.3% for Gen Xers and 5.4% for millennials), than men (1.7% for Gen Xers and 1.9% for millennials). Whites were also more likely to say that they had no sexual partners as young adults as compared to blacks.

Millennials Are Not As Promiscuous As Their Elders

The new study seriously challenges the widespread notions that millennials are the ”hookup generation”, which is actually popularised by famous dating apps like Tinder and a whole lot more.  But why the drop in promiscuity? Well the researchers listed a couple of possible reasons for the big drop in sexual activity among millennials, and one of which includes more sex education in schools.   The study team also said that millennials are becoming more aware of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, and they have more access to pornography too. Millennials also show glaring differences between other generations like the Gen Xers on their definitions of what sex is and is not.   The researchers also stress that while attitudes about premarital sex have become more permissive and readily accessible over time, the rise in individualism especially among millennials actually allows young adults to have permissive and more open attitudes, without feeling the pressure to conform in their own behavior.   Now what do your millennial hookup partners, or favourite Sydney Escorts have to say about this most recent finding?

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