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The Vehicles for Spontaneous and Erotic Rouses

sydneys escort erotic driving

When it comes to heated situations, spontaneity is an absolute necessity. If you’re feeling horny and your partner is there at the ready, you shouldn’t ever let anything get in your way. However, if you know that you’re really the kind who gets aroused easily, it is best to be prepared. And what’s the next best thing to a cozy motel – a spacious car. Nothing beats the whimsical effect of some erotic driving!


1. Cadillac CTS Sport WagonCadillac CTS Sport Wagon


The car that will make rear entry as comfortable as you do it in bed, this Cadillac will make you feel all kinds of horny. It is able to accommodate you in the hottest of times. Whether it be the missionary position or the doggie style, it’s definite that you can plunge your cock with ease once you have this spacious vehicle. Not to mention that it also has a sleek style. What more could you be asking for??


Volvo V702. Volvo V70


In the same way that the Cadillac gives you the luscious option for a rear entry, Volvo will give you the great opportunity for some hard core back seat thrusting. This auto mobile does not only support you in times of carrying stuff for your errands but it will also help you having a comfortable position when you penetrate the wet depths of your lady’s pussy.




From its name alone you can already come up with some erotic tag lines. The BMW X6 M is great for some tight loving as you can freely situate your bodies for the scissors position inside this vehicle. Complete with the 555 – horsepower, it is certainly enough to keep your rapid penetrating movement in active motions.


Ferrari 612 Scaglietti4. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


Nothing else exhibits sexy like Ferrari. Having to to in the car alone would drive your mind nuts with enthusiasm and eroticism. However, this car is best for the extra versatile ones. Go ahead, mend and bend your way towards such delicious motions. The highly advised position is the lotus where you are wrapped around each other’s arms while locked in a lusty embrace!


Some chicks of Sydneys Escort highly advice this kind of position because it brings you to heightened sexual sensations.


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